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Supplying specialty feed additives to be used as antioxidant, acidifier, mineral and vitamin premix, toxin binder, and mold inhibitor to solve some of the key challenges of the commercial livestock industry, poultry health products and aqua culture.

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PrincipalProduct NameChemical Name
CorbionLAFEED 80 GRADE 05Lactic acid (Feed grade)
LinQtecACIDTEC 401Acidifier with 5 Acid (Powder)
LinQtecAOXTEC 101BHA, Ethoxyquin (Powder)
LinQtecAOXTEC 111BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin (Liquid)
LinQtecAOXTEC F01BHA, BHT (Powder)
LinQtecAOXTEC F11Antioxidant - BHA, BHT (Liquid)
LinQtecMOLDTEC 202Propionic acid 50% (Powder)
LinQtecMOLDTEC 212Propionic acid 60% (Liquid)
LinQtecSALTEC 513Acididier for drinking water (Liquid)
SolvayTIXOSIL 38Silica precipitate