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Metalworking Fluid

Offering specialty chemicals and customized blends to help Metalworking Fluid formulators create final products that are tailored to their specific needs with durable and high-performance solutions. We have wide range of products from Ecocert approved base oil, corrosion inhibitor, emulsifier, wetting agent, lubricant, biocide, and preservative.


Providing specialty additives for niche application areas in the battery manufacturing and processing.

Textile Formulator

Offering specialty chemicals for different steps of textile processing: preparation, coloration (dyeing & printing), finishing, washing-off, and after-treatment, which includes scouring agents, leveling agents, and various softeners.

Water Treatment

Providing additives for high performance solutions in a range of applications for industrial water treatment.

Crop Care Formulator

Specialty surfactants, customized blends, and ingredients designed for Crop Care to help farmers prevent weeds, fungi, and pests, which destroy their crops. 

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