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We offer various extracts, vitamins and minerals for functional food application in addition to APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)  and excipients for pharmaceutical application.

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PrincipalProduct NameChemical Name
-Acerola CherryAcerola Cherry
-Astaxanthin 2,5%Astaxanthin
-Beta CaroteneBeta-Carotene
-Celery Seed ExtractCelery Seed Extract (Apium graveolens L.)
-Chamomile ExtractChamomile Extract
-Citrus Aurantium ExtractCitrus Bioflavonoids 50%
-Corydalis ExtractCorydalis Extract
-Garlic ExtractGarlic Extract
-Grape Seed ExtractGrape Seed Extract
-Licorice ExtractLicorice Extract (Glycyrrhiza uralensis)