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Supplying various specialty surfactants and performance additives such as hydrotrope, fabric softener, product thickener, emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agent, biocide and preservative to meet consumer needs for optimizing product performance for household cleaning and industrial & institutional applications.

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PrincipalProduct NameChemical Name
-CETO STEARYL ALCOHOL 12 MOLES (CSA 12)Ceto Stearyl Alcohol 12 Moles
-CETO STEARYL ALCOHOL 20 MOLES (CSA 20)Ceto Stearyl Alcohol 20 Moles
-CSM OPTIMUS 2.0Mycrocrystalline Wax
-HCO 40PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
-MICROBLEND CSX 45Mycrocrystalline Wax
-MICROBLEND CX 35 WHITEMycrocrystalline Wax
-PARAFIN WAX 140 FParafin Wax
-PEW 7000Polyethylene Wax 70000
-POLYBOOST 130Wax Modifying polymers
-POLYBOOST 165Wax Modifying polymers