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Wednesday, 01/23/2008

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Established in 1994 PT Tritunggal Arthamakmur has the prime objective to be
the leading distributor of specialty chemicals in Indonesia.
Since its founding the company has incresead the percentage of turnover
and is growing fastly in the business.

In the future, PT Tritunggal Arthamakmur is planning to strengthen not only the logistic
capabilities in marketing and distribution, but also the abilities to develop, modify
and customize chemicals that meet the specific needs of Indonesian resurgent manufacturing sector.
Professionalism means to be the best in the business.
It means to master the skills of integrated logistic that covers following activities :
  1. Inventory management.
  2. Storage handling.
  3. Transportation.
  4. Technical information back-up
  5. Laboratory services.
These are the key elements of the company's service to customer that eventually
lead to production efficiency and improved quality of finished product.
The system combines inventory tracking and management tasks with accounting
functions, ensuring that inventory levels are sufficient to meet
customer demand, that goods are located and delivered in the most timely
and efficient manner possible.

This will ensure the following two services are included.
  1. Delivery on schedule.
  2. Technical support.
One of the most important factors is the human resources. Besides the skilled
individual that partly gained through regular trainings, inter-departement team
working is also encouranged for the customers benefits.

Customer satisfaction is the goal and it resulted in a lineup of clients that 
includes products manufactured by many of the world's most renowned companies.
One of its ventures is to providing a ready supply of specialty chemicals
that meets international quality standards.

In the coming decades, PT Tritunggal Arthamakmur intends to maintain
a healthy growth, increase the customers base and expand
the distibution network. All to tap the growing list of customers throughout the region.